Privacy Policy

Welcome to We hold your privacy in the highest regard. This Privacy Policy serves to elucidate the types of information we collect, our utilization of said information, and the protective measures we undertake.

Personal Data: Personal Data pertains to information you consciously share with us. This encompasses details that distinctly identify you as an individual.

When you interact with our services, you may supply Personal Data via form submissions, participation in contests, subscription to newsletters, or engagement with discussions on our platforms.

Instances of Personal Data include your name, email address, phone number, postal address, and any other data you voluntarily furnish. We gather this information to facilitate communication, personalize your encounter, and enable access to specific features.

Non-Personal Data: Non-Personal Data encompasses information linked to your interaction with our platforms that do not directly pinpoint you as an individual. This data is gathered automatically as you navigate our website or use our services.

It aids in comprehending how our platforms are employed and contributes to enhancing user experience.

Non-Personal Data could encompass particulars such as your device's IP address, the browser you are using, the referral domains leading to our site, and the specific pages visited. This information assists in trend analysis, diagnosis of technical issues, content optimization, and informed decision-making to enhance our offerings.

In essence, Personal Data is shared explicitly by you and can identify you personally, whereas Non-Personal Data is gathered passively during your interactions with our platforms, offering insights into the utilization of our services.

Both types of data are managed in accordance with our privacy policy, which delineates the collection, storage, processing, and protection of your information. Notably, you have the option to govern certain aspects of the data you share and its utilization, in alignment with pertinent data protection regulations.

Utilization of Your Information

  1. Enhancement and Personalization: We utilize your data to tailor our content, products, and services to your preferences, thus crafting a more engaging and pertinent experience.
  2. Periodic Email Communication (Opt-In Subscriptions): Upon subscription, we forward emails with updates, promotions, and valuable content aligned with your interests. Your preferences are modifiable at any time.
  3. Website Enhancement via Feedback: Your interactions aid us in comprehending user navigation patterns. This feedback guides us in refining usability and optimizing page layouts.
  4. Facilitation of Promotions and Surveys: We may employ your information for contests, surveys, and promotions, refining our offerings to suit your preferences.
  5. Resolution of Inquiries or Requests: Upon your contact, we utilize your information to offer timely and efficient support, addressing queries and resolving concerns.

Data Privacy Priority

Your data privacy is of paramount importance. We adhere to regulations, employ security measures, and honor your choices to ensure a seamless and secure experience.

Cookies and Tracking Technologies

We employ cookies and tracking technologies to elevate your browsing experience and offer valuable features. Cookies are petite text files stored on your device that permit us to gather information and enhance our services.

Here are the specific intentions for which we use cookies:

  • Storing Personal Preferences: Cookies assist in retaining your preferences, such as language settings or display preferences, thus customizing your subsequent visits for smoother interaction.
  • Login Maintenance: Cookies play a pivotal role in preserving your login status across diverse pages and sessions. For instance, in forum communities, cookies retain your authentication details, facilitating access to restricted features without frequent logins.
  • Usage Pattern Tracking and Analytics: Cookies enable an analysis of how users navigate our website, aiding in identifying popular pages, areas needing enhancement, and content engagement. These insights inform the refinement of our platform for an enriched user experience.
  • Personalized Content and Recommendations: Cookies allow us to offer tailored recommendations and content based on your past interactions, intensifying engagement and relevance.
  • Advertising and Marketing Management: Cookies may be utilized to effectively manage advertising campaigns, gauging the impact of ads and desired actions such as site visits or purchases.
  • Security Enhancement and Fraud Prevention: Certain cookies contribute to website security, identifying and thwarting fraudulent activities, and safeguarding data integrity.

Importantly, you possess control over cookie usage. Most web browsers permit the management of cookie preferences, encompassing acceptance or rejection of specific types.

Adjustments can be made within your browser's options or settings menu. However, bear in mind that disabling cookies could impact certain features and functionalities of our website. Through the utilization of our site with cookies enabled, you provide consent for our usage of cookies as elucidated above.

Third-Party Engagement

To sustain our site, third-party advertisements may be displayed. Some advertisers might employ technologies like cookies or web beacons to collect data such as your IP address and browser type, aiding in improved ad targeting. Remember, your preferences for these technologies can be controlled, and the privacy policies of third-party advertisers can be reviewed. Even in third-party interactions, your privacy remains our priority.

Your Rights and Choices

We hold your rights in high esteem and offer choices concerning your personal information:

  • Unsubscribing from Subscription or Promotional Emails: You have the right to opt out of receiving subscription or promotional emails. If you no longer desire such communications, opting out is simple via instructions in the emails or by contacting our support team.
  • Access, Correction, or Deletion of Personal Information: You possess the right to access, rectify, or erase personal information we hold about you. Should you wish to review, correct, or have your data removed from our records, contact us using the information provided in our privacy policy.

We are committed to respecting your rights and ensuring your choices are honored. Our goal is to simplify the process of exercising these rights and affording you control over your personal information.

Policy Updates

Our Privacy Policy may be updated periodically. We recommend a regular review of this section. Changes become effective upon posting on this page.

Contact Information

For queries or concerns pertaining to this Privacy Policy, connect with us at metriculum[at]

By using, you acknowledge and consent to this Privacy Policy. In case of disagreement with any terms, kindly discontinue the use of our site.